It’s a process I tell ya.

One of the projects we have longed to do is the back deck. We are now under way. I dontknw who is more excited me or Honey. He decided trex was the way to go. No maintenance, terrific upkeep, no staining or painting. The porch was quite beaten up and neglected.  

Looking forward to the end result.  


It’s been awhile

So it’s been awhile since I have posted anything to this site.  Honey and I have been super busy. But one room I have been able to tackle is the living room.  The room has an odd shape and the built in and knock outs take up more space than would have liked but I think it’s shaping up nicely.   Here is a before picture of the living room from when we moved in.

teresas phone 2106     teresas phone 2107

And here is the after.


  IMAG7066_1 This is one of the only rooms I have decorated since we moved in.  We’ve had a few repairs, so once those are over, I’ll be back at it. I’m excited to have it done this far!  The biggest impact has been the paint color change.  We went with silver strand from Sherwin Williams.  It’s a light gray blue.  But it really updated the space from the dark beige.  We love blue so we tied the space together with touches of navy.  The pillows on the white chairs are from Homegoods, the other pillows I made.  The throws were gifts and I added monograms to both.  I’m all for adding your favorite things to a room- and monograms are it for me!  Why not have your favorite things on display?  I still need a few things for this room, like drapes and maybe a new rug. (I’ll let Honey know that little tidbit another time.)  But so far so good!

The Nook

We are on our way of fixing up the breakfast nook.  We got a new table! Super excited!  We found this great table on Craigslist.  It is one solid piece of wood.  Needs some TLC.  But I love it!  We are off to a great start.


image image

Chandelier and paint and drapes are next on the list.  Please don’t judge the walls.  They are from the previous owner.  On the honeydo list.  In this case honey is me.  The walls are all hand painted.  And while the previous owner did a clean job, it’s just not my style.  It’s very thick acrylic paint.  And it’s super hard to sand.  The upstairs had puff paint which was impossible to sand or scrape.  Honey had a great idea of adding chair rail to cover the puff paint which ended up working out great.  Thanks Honey!

Any suggestions on an easier way to remove the thick acrylic paint- other than sanding? Much appreciated!

image image

Gluten Free R Us


Being a gluten free family I get a lot of questions about what we eat. My son and husband are not gluten free, but my daughter and I are.

So this morning I thought I’d snap a couple of pictures of what went into the morning. The kids had Berry Vanilla Puffs from Cascadian Farms. Fantastic cereal! There are quite a few out there that taste like cardboard, this isn’t one of them. Both kids love it.  Costco had it this week!

SweetPea’s lunch consisted of applesauce, apples, carrots, Lay’s chips, yogurt, and these new tortilla cheese roll ups from Mission. They are awesome too. We have been on a hunt for a good gluten free tortilla. For.a.long.long.time.  These are pretty good. Not the real thing but better than the rest.


Happy eating!!

Jawbone UP!

Y’all Costco had a great deal on the Jawbone up today.  So I snagged one!  I have seen so many people with these.

imageOne person in particular that I have heard it from is Sophie Uliano. She has a new book coming out telling about how she stays fit.  She lives a very healthy GREEN lifestyle.  She is helping Paige and Kim on the Hallmark channel lose weight and has them using these bad boys.

So I had Honey help me put it together.  He’s such a sweetie.  Let’s see how much weight I can lose with this.

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Life With A Green Door

front door

We bought a house.  Our dream colonial that came with a bright green, chartreuse, door. When Honey gives directions he just tells people to look for the green door and they will find us.  It matches the Seahawk’s team colors.  It’s grown on me.  It makes me laugh.  But it really has to go.

We affectionately nicknamed our house Chateau Chartreuse.  The house also came with puff paint on the walls.  How on earth do you remove puff paint??  Why would you even put puff paint on the walls? I tried pinterest, google, scraping, nail polish, sanding, you name it.  Did you know if you heat puff paint it expands?  Lovely. Nothing worked.   teresas phone 2498  Purple puff paint and a green stripe.  I wasn’t a huge fan of the niches either.  They had no direct light.  They were off center on the wall.  They are just plain hard to decorate.  They had to go.teresas phone 2493Oh Honey!  Drywall, sanding, chair rail, paint, oh baby.teresas phone 2925 Paint, paint, and more paint.teresas phone 2647 And some baseboardsteresas phone 2784And we are on a roll.